Service Details

Q. How is payment made?
Work on a Client's website will only begin after the first 50% of the agreed fees has been made to start the production process.
The next 25% of the agreed fees will be due when the website has fulfilled its initial list of action items (before any additional/ad hoc changes are made).
The last 25% of the agreed fees will have to be paid before the completed website is launched.

If it appears that additional charges will be incurred during production (eg. Client wants specific stock image/video), then MIGHT.IE media will first check with the Client over email, get the Client's approval to purchase said item and bill the Client for said item during development or after the website is complete.

Mobile Optimisation / SEO

Q. Why is having a mobile optimised website important?
More people are using their smartphones instead of PCs to access the net these days, and by making a website mobile friendly, a consumer is more likely to complete a payment transaction on their smartphone, instead of putting it off until later, where they may forget about it.

Responsive design automatically scales its content, images and videos to match the screen size on which it is viewed. The technique uses flexible layouts and flexible images to build web pages that detect the visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

This keeps visitors on smaller mobile devices from needing to do extra unnecessary sideways scrolling to read your content. Web content is read more easily and online transactions are much simpler and clearer.